Between Two Rocks is the brain child of Josh Levinson, who was like, “Shouldn’t there be a blog about New Haven?” and took the silence to mean “Yes.”

We would love to share voices from all across New Haven, including yours!  Write to us and let us know what you want to say!

Editor-in-Pajamas-Pants: Josh Levinson

Josh has lived in New Haven for about eight years and loves it. Maybe more than someone should. But who’s to say in this topsy turvy world we live in?

He also recently purchased a house in the Edgewood neighborhood despite being totally incapable of home repairs.

Josh’s paying job is as a software developer and professional nerd-of-all-trades.

Staff Columnists:

Nobody is listed here because usually after someone posts one or two articles I never hear from them. So I don’t know if we were dating or… ?

Past writers include Gero Alberino, Monica Amore, Gil Morrison, Sara Zuba, and Florian Carle.

Could YOU join this ultra-exclusive list? Probably!