Author: Josh Levinson

Josh Levinson is a writer, comic, software developer, and guy on bicycle in New Haven, Connecticut. He owns a home in Edgewood which he is currently not doing a very good job fixing up.
Pictured: People who will never make eye contact with you in the streets

I Don’t F*ck With Yalies Because They Leave

A lot of towns are college towns, but few college towns are like New Haven. Townies vs. Gownies....

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Episode 39: David Valentino

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My Favorite Veggie Dishes in New Haven

Being a vegetarian is hard, which is why I only do it sometimes, when I feel like it....

What New Haven Can Steal From New York

I tried a month of New York Living and I will not shut up about it. It made...

Episode 38: Hive Hair Studio

A new episode of the podcast features the owners of the Hive Hair Studio! We talk everything hair,...