• Grab your NPR tote bag, the Arts & Ideas Festival is back in town!
    It’s June! The annual moment all twenty-something students leave town and considerably increase the average age of residents and the moment the Arts and Ideas Festival decides it’s not old enough and puts in place a program to attract 80-somethings to go wild on the green. The official name is actually “The International Festival of
  • I Don’t F*ck With Yalies Because They Leave
    A lot of towns are college towns, but few college towns are like New Haven. Townies vs. Gownies. A prestigious, exclusive University surrounded (and supported by) those of us who have the grave misfortune of Not Attending Yale. There is a chasm between us. The Yalies and… the others. Yet should we be enemies? Are
  • Five bike rides to check out around New Haven
    In 2020, I was sharing with you four perfect spots to go kayaking in New Haven to be socially distant from people. But 4000+ of you read it, bought a kayak, and now I cannot get drunk on my kayak without seeing my neighbours, or that clingy friend I told I was busy and now
  • Podcast Episode 40: Making It With Stefano & Shawn
    Local actor and comic Stefano Sanzo joins comic and writer Shawn Murray to talk about what it means to “make it” and what we want out of writing, comedy, acting, etc. What does success look like? How hard are you willing to chase your dreams? And who wants to be Batman? Direct link to newsletter
  • My Experience Flying Tweed to Chicago
    In Fall 2021, Avelo Airlines arrived in New Haven’s Tweed Airport, replacing American Airlines service to Philadelphia and then other, more expensive places from Philadelphia. Avelo came to New Haven with promises of all of the wonderful parts of Florida you could see. Tampa! Orlando! Miami! Well, Fort Lauderdale. Miami-ish! In a moment of clear
  • Why Connecticut Beaches Are Better Than Rhode Island Beaches
    Whenever someone asks, “What’s the best beach in Connecticut,” the predictable beach snob response is, “Go to Rhode Island.” After all, Connecticut’s water isn’t even technically the ocean. It’s an estuary. It connects to both rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike Rhode Island, which gets pure ocean, despite not being an Island at all. Before you
  • New exhibition – The Quantum Revolution: Handcrafted in New Haven
    This is it y’all… Like a 24/7 diner hostess working night shifts lighting up a cigarette from their second pack of the day to fell any rush of nicotine, I need to increase my dose of approval to satisfy my ever expending ego. My mum’s unconditional approval is not enough anymore. I need MORE! Writing
  • Episode 39: David Valentino
    Local New Haven history buff/gay citizen David Valentino comes in to talk economic redevelopment and life in New Haven in general. Link to the episode for newsletter subscribers: Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/between-two-rocks/id1361191097?mt=2 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6DugrLlJM1cB2ScwzbUlL2?si=ByC21BYUT2GIamx9eqAvOQ Social landing page: https://share.transistor.fm/s/9142bb53
  • My Favorite Veggie Dishes in New Haven
    Being a vegetarian is hard, which is why I only do it sometimes, when I feel like it. But not every bar and restaurant provides fantastic vegetarian options. For many pubs, you’ll be lucky to get a veggie burger which disintegrates when you glance at it or a quesadilla which makes your seasonal depression come
  • Aerial Guided Tour of New Haven’s Abandoned Industrial Buildings
    Yes I know, you are surprised! Finally an article on that blog that is ACTUALLY about New Haven… Taking actions in my own hand, I am here to bring back the NHV content while our lovely editor Josh uses any excuses to talk about non-New Haven related stuff, like his cool comic life in New
  • What New Haven Can Steal From New York
    I tried a month of New York Living and I will not shut up about it. It made me appreciate New Haven, which I wrote about. But it also made me realize New Haven, being a much smaller city, also lacks so many of the things that make a larger city special. Well, we should
  • Episode 38: Hive Hair Studio
    A new episode of the podcast features the owners of the Hive Hair Studio! We talk everything hair, and it mostly devolves into making fun of Josh. Available on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Direct link for Newsletter subscribers: https://share.transistor.fm/s/f12d99bd
  • Twitter Developer Community Chapter in New Haven
    Note: This is a guest article written by Tim Storck to try to convince you to nerd out with him about Twitter. I let Tim write it cause I am an Extremely Nice Fellow, and this counts as my One Nice Deed of 2021. Back to mean! What Am I Talking About? Twitter Developer Community
  • Episode 36: Home Sweet Home
    Josh returns home after a month in Brooklyn. Shawn almost usurps the podcast. Colin remains Colin. We talk about New York City vs New Haven and what it means to be home. Direct link for Newsletter: https://share.transistor.fm/s/0961c0f9 Quick poll: Do you want to be notified via the website when new podcast episodes are released or
  • How New York Made Me Appreciate New Haven
    I spent a month living in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. It was an experiment. I’ve lived in Connecticut my whole life. A feeling of stagnation was growing inside of me. I craved change in my life. New beginnings. New locations? But before I upended my entire life, and dealt with all of