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My Experience Flying Tweed to Chicago

In Fall 2021, Avelo Airlines arrived in New Haven’s Tweed Airport, replacing American Airlines service to Philadelphia and then other, more expensive places from Philadelphia.

Avelo came to New Haven with promises of all of the wonderful parts of Florida you could see.

Tampa! Orlando! Miami! Well, Fort Lauderdale. Miami-ish!

Picture of Orlando with Orlando Over It

In a moment of clear desperation, the execs down at Avelo probably thought to themselves, what about the elusive under-70 crowd? Where do they want to fly?

So in Spring 2022, Avelo added destinations to non-Florida states.

Nashville! That’s a real place for sure! Raleigh?! I hear good things.

City of Raleigh
So this is where they make Linux!

One of those locations which I’d never visited: Chicago, Illinois!

After all the Covid time alone, and also my passport expired at some point in there when I wasn’t really paying super close attention.

So it was time to book a flight somewhere, anywhere! So let me tell you all about my experience flying out of our fair city, New Haven and also East Haven a bit.

Parking is Expensive, But Ubers Are… Not as Expensive

Listen, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about inflation, but prices are wild right now.

Parking at Tweed is $15-25 per day depending on how far you want to walk. I was going for a week, which adds up pretty fast.

Tweed parking map
Tweed trying to erase walk speed diversity here

Uber got more expensive, but not $50 expensive.

I had no problem finding an Uber to take me and drop me off at the location.

Tweed Provides Fast Security, No-Frills Experience

Security took five minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that. I can’t speak to your experience but it’s hard to imagine a significant wait.

Tweed had like two and a half seating areas and a G Cafe, which is a considerable upgrade over the previous restaurant, an old vending machine.

Vending Machine
“Ah, yes, I’ll have the Snickers and the lady will have the Twix.”

Sandwiches, coffee, etc. It’s fine!

No airport bar, though, so you’ll just have to show up drunk I guess.

Avelo Provides Flight and Nothing Else

Avelo Airlines Ad
That seems like… not… enough…

I haven’t really flown a ton of discount airlines in the United States, so I don’t know what’s normal, but as far as in-flight amenities, they provided: several garbage bags.

That’s it. Which is fine! It was cheap! One of my chair-neighbors asked for a water towards the end of the flight which they very begrudgingly gave him. It’s fine. It’s a two hour flight. Read a book!

Avelo Airlines
Oh, you thought you were gonna take one of those air-conditioned tunnel things?

So just bring your own water, snacks, etc. The folks were fine but Avelo is just gonna get you there and get you back and they’re not gonna like smile at you about it.

Which is fine. I’m from Connecticut also and do not feel like smiling.

Chicago is a Cool City

You should check out Chicago! It’s a cool city! Great architecture, cool big lake (Lake Michigan), lots of comedy, public transportation directly to/from Midway Airport. Enormous bars you would never be able to have in New York. The legendary Second City and its legendary ticket prices.

Josh and Elvira at Second City
I also got to see Friend of the Blog (and Me!) Elvira in Chicago yayyyyyy


I recommend one of the Chicago River Architecture Boat Tours. I didn’t even know how cool architecture could be until I went to Chicago! I texted my friend Dan about how amazing it was and he accused me of being very high. Whatever. It’s awesome. Good architecture. 10/10.

Wrigley Building and Chicago River
It was the 4th of July so not sure if they love America like all the time or just around this time

Also, there’s a beach! In Chicago! Like, several! It’s wild! You’re just hanging out in this lake and also there’s skyscrapers everywhere.

Chicago Beach
It is surreal to be at a beach next to some skyscrapers. Strongly recommend experiencing this.

Also, check out the Chicago Art Institute. They have pretty famous art from pretty famous artists.

No Uber Allowed on Way Home

For whatever reason, Tweed doesn’t let Uber pick up drivers at Tweed. I’m sure it’s some totally legitimate cartel of cab drivers or something.

Someone told me Lyft works but I am boycotting them due to this incident with the bike share and some accusations they made about whether or not I returned said bike.

Crime scene
Please stand back there’s nothing to see here the Lyft lock just has not engaged and there is an active criminal investigation

I dragged my luggage across the street which was… not that fun. But then I could get an Uber. It was probably 20 bucks.

What About the Noise

Oh, I bet it’s not great.

Neighbors have been letting Tweed know that for whatever reason they aren’t a huge fans of the increased noise and smell of jet fumes wafting through their pie-laden windows.

Pie cooling on window sill
A world without Tweed, probably

Long-time readers will know about my affinity for Lighthouse Point Park. And I have definitely noticed a significant increase in flights departing New Haven, as well as the size and noise of those jets.

But hey how many beaches can you watch airplanes take off? Probably some!

For the record, I am sorry for contribution to the increased noise and pollution, but I will say: It was really convenient for me and I am not that good of a person.

Robot Shrugging

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