Baobab Tree Studios Wants Your Podcast

If you didn’t listen to the Between Two Rocks podcast last week, you may not know that Baobab Tree Studios is now hosting the B2R Podcast in their gorgeous downtown studio.

(Seriously, give it a listen, it’s very funny. You can trust me. For instance, you don’t see me hear telling you to listen to Episode 6, right?)

“Wow, Josh, you’re a pretty big deal, huh? I doubt they’d just host anybody’s podcast. Even if I had a really great idea.”

Uhhhhh. Well actually. I mean, I am a pretty big deal. But you’re wrong on that second part, Dear Reader. In fact, as luck would have it, Baobab Studios is looking for people exactly like you.

Do you have a podcast idea? Of course you do. You’re alive. What’s stopping you? Equipment? A place to record? Putting pants on?

I can’t help with the pants thing, but boy do I have good news for you otherwise! Nestled right downtown at 71 Orange St, Baobab Tree Studios is hosting a Podcast Pitch Night! And it’s tomorrow (November 16), at 6pm! And it’s MC’ed by me, your good friend Josh!

The podcast ideas don’t even have to be New Haven-related, which is absolutely ridiculous. Why anybody would want to have a blog or podcast about anything else I have no idea.

Baobab Tree Studios started out as your typical “rent our studio space” model, but obviously given the median income level of your average podcaster, well.. you know. Kind of an old timey business model.

So Baobab Tree Studios decided to try to build something new: a podcast network which would be paid for based on sponsorships. That’s right! You, too, can plug Schlitz in the middle of your podcast!

If they like you, you get three produced episodes at no cost, with any future revenues split (after cost). Blah blah blah legal mumbo jumbo.

Each pitch must at a minimum consist of the following details:

  • Name of person pitching
  • Podcast title
  • How often will it be published?
  • What is the podcast about?
  • How did you come up with this idea?
  • Who are the hosts?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Why would they download your podcast?

So for instance, if I was pitching the Between Two Rocks Podcast, it’d be something like this:

  • Name of person: Hi I’m Josh Levinson, you might know me from the extremely popular blog Between Two Rocks.
  • Podcast title: Uh, Between Two Rocks I guess.
  • How often will it be published? Oh boy, good question. Definitely more often than “once in a great while.”
  • What is the podcast about? New Haven stuff! And jokes! Mostly jokes.
  • How did you come up with this idea? I wouldn’t exactly call it an idea.
  • Who are the hosts? Me and this guy I know.
  • Who is the audience? I mean with any luck some of these readers will listen?
  • Why would they download your podcast? Oh boy that is actually a pretty good question.

Lionel Hutz

Easy enough, right?

The pitch is about five minutes. Don’t worry. I’ll be very nice. Unless your idea isn’t excellent. Then I will absolutely SAVAGE you.

(Not really. Anybody willing to put themselves and their ideas out there is okay in my book.)

So come hang out and join the Boabab Tree Studio Family! You can be like, “I actually recorded in the same studio as the Between Two Rocks podcast!” and your friend will be like, “Who?” and you can be like “Exactly.”

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