New Haven: serving European terraces minus the rude French waiters

Picture this scene: It is a warm summer day. The crowded terrace of a café is overflowing and coffee drinkers are slowly fusing with the lunch eaters of the next door restaurant terrace. The waiters zigzag through the densely packed tables to provide all sorts or summer treats while keeping an eye on the terrace … Read more

New Haven On the Cheap

Like most cities, New Haven provides plenty(ish) of cultural and entertainment options. But with those things comes a price. Typically, in gold doubloons or whatever people are using for money these days. (I think maybe Apple controls money now?) Sure, I love Yale Repertory Theater, but it’s $92.00 for a seat. NINETY TWO DOLLARS. Even … Read more

New Haven is Ready for a European-style EDM Club

Last May, a wall-to-wall crowd of dancing bodies filled Stella Blues as DJ outfit Sunken Disco performed for their last time in New Haven. Bringing funk, house, trance, and techno to New Haven, the Sunken Disco events were wildly popular. The last one, I could barely find room to dance. Unfortunately, Sunken Disco consisted entirely … Read more