My Favorite Veggie Dishes in New Haven

Child holding vegetables

Being a vegetarian is hard, which is why I only do it sometimes, when I feel like it. But not every bar and restaurant provides fantastic vegetarian options. For many pubs, you’ll be lucky to get a veggie burger which disintegrates when you glance at it or a quesadilla which makes your seasonal depression come … Read more

How To Help During The Coronavirus

Soup Kitchen Volunteers

Hey New Havenites,

I know everything about COVID-19 has been scary. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and I know you all have questions.

“How long is this going to last?”

“Why won’t my company let me work from home yet?”

“When can I go enjoy New Haven now that the Yalies are gone for a while?”

Unfortunately, I don’t have THOSE answers, but I do have answers to another question I’ve been hearing a lot lately:

“How can I help?”

What can I do? How can I help? What are we drinking?
This is the kind of energy we need right now.

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100% of New Haven Restaurants Now Poke Places

In an attempt to revitalize New Haven’s flagging economy, Surprisingly Still Mayor Toni Harp enacted an Executive Order demanding all New Haven restaurants must become Poke places, despite protest from local business and consumers. New Haven, which currently held the record of highest density of pizza-and-Italian-restaurants-per-person (at 1 restaurant for every 1 human), must quickly … Read more

My Favorite Almost-New Haven Places

Listen, Readers. I would never, ever urge you to leave New Haven. There’s nothing for you out there. Everything you need in this world… is right here. Unless you count reasonably-priced grocery stories, a decent hardware store, or anywhere to dance to EDM. But let’s say you wanted to explore beyond New Haven, for some … Read more