Connecticut Must Declare Pizza War on Tri-State Area

Pepe's Pizza

In case you haven’t heard because you’ve been too busy following the MSM news with their impeachment trials and terrifying new Coronavirus strains, you might have missed an extremely important piece of news: New Haven lawmakers want to make pizza the state food of Connecticut. (MSM is the “MainStream Media” which is us real woke … Read more

Sally’s: An Ode

I have a saying and it goes a little something like this: “If Sally’s isn’t the best pizza you ever had, you’ve never had Sally’s.” Growing up as a young paesan in the Cove, Sally’s was the best thing you could see on the dinner table. Forget the bacon dad, bring home Sally’s. Now I … Read more

Why I Love New Haven

New Haven from above

Do you know what today is, Dear Reader? Of course you do! It’s my Birthday! Which I don’t have to cancel this year because America is dumb. So I’ve decided I’m actually going to enjoy myself this year and celebrate a little, and you know what I really want to celebrate? How much I love … Read more

Dear New Haven Parking Authority

In one months’ time I’ll be moving from delicious smelling Wooster Street to the greener pastures of East Rock – the land of hipster gyms, hair studios and strict residential parking. In my time living on the boulevard of thin crust I’ve experienced some… transgressions, if you will. A constant injustice. Not to do with … Read more

Crowning the King of New Haven Pizza

If you haven’t heard, New Haven is sort of known for their pizza. And no, I’m not going to call it “a-pizza,” or pronounce it “ah-beets.” I don’t know anybody that does. So anytime some “travel blog” explains how “we” do it, I just shake my head and laugh. But we do know our pizza. … Read more

New Haven’s Best Late Night Eats

Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant

The clock reads 2 am, which doesn’t surprise you cause the bartender just spent the last 15 minutes slowly herding you and your friends like cattle out onto the streets. Your head is swimming with beer and vodka. And maybe there was some tequila in there… ? Even though it’s only 40 degrees out, you’re wearing … Read more

Review: Tavern New Haven

After Black Bear Saloon closed down, I wondered what would take its place. After all, this was Black Bear. A place which wasn’t sure if it was a shitty sports bar or a shitty dance club. Our first clue to its successor was its brilliant name: Tavern New Haven. Obviously they used an exhaustive process … Read more