How to Lose a Wallet in Ten Days

Czech Wallet

Whether or not it feels like it, autumn is coming. And with it, Yalies. Everywhere. Wandering into the streets. Filling coffee shops. Adjusting their rounded glasses. And with them, comes another year of Yale warning them about the very, very dangerous areas of New Haven. (Or as we call it, “off campus.”) But anybody can … Read more

The Weird Wonderful World of Yale Architecture

The city of New Haven contains any number of fascinating, strange buildings. Many of them owned by the monolithic Yale University. And because of that, many of them are impenetrable fortresses: sealed from the outside, and available only to those with privilege and Yale ID’s. For many years, I remember walking by Rudolph Hall (the … Read more

Every Kind of Weirdo You’ll Meet in New Haven

Redbean Downtown Hipsters

One of the reasons I love New Haven is its diversity. Not only is New Haven the most representative example of America, but we have literally every kind of weirdo you can imagine. Elbow-patched Yalies? Oh yeah. Punk rock townies? Absolutely. Publicly intoxicated drunks rambling about the government? Definitely. Unlike New York City, where they shovel … Read more

It is time to embrace Yalies…?

Sterling Law Building

No one hates Yalies more than me. Some of my earliest memories in New Haven involve waiting for the Art Museum to open at Atticus and being subjected to the pretentious political opinions of naive Yale freshman. I would ask myself, how is it possible to be this unaware and attend this prestigious Institution of … Read more

Why I Love New Haven

New Haven from above

Do you know what today is, Dear Reader? Of course you do! It’s my Birthday! Which I don’t have to cancel this year because America is dumb. So I’ve decided I’m actually going to enjoy myself this year and celebrate a little, and you know what I really want to celebrate? How much I love … Read more