Four perfect spots to kayak in New Haven

Lake Wintergreen

As the quarantine almost enter its fifth month, I felt really down and cabin fever was starting to get to me. So I decided to dust off my inflatable kayak and headed off to East Rock park. After my afternoon in the sun, paddling on the glistening water among cranes, turtles, and the occasional fisher-persons, … Read more

The Best of New Haven 2018 — The Rockies Awards


The time has once again come, my friends, to hand out the prestigious Rockies Awards, aka the Best (and Worst!) Things in New Haven. Whether it’s the news stories which captivated our collective imagination, or brilliant new restaurants, or something totally made-up because I felt like writing a joke about it, these are the awards … Read more

My Favorite Almost-New Haven Places

Listen, Readers. I would never, ever urge you to leave New Haven. There’s nothing for you out there. Everything you need in this world… is right here. Unless you count reasonably-priced grocery stories, a decent hardware store, or anywhere to dance to EDM. But let’s say you wanted to explore beyond New Haven, for some … Read more