Easy as Riding a Bike: Previewing New Haven Bike Share

A familiar phrase one hears when trying new things. Luckily for New Haven residents getting around the city will be as easy… as, well, riding a bike. Introducing Bike New Haven: an innovative new program that will allow “locals and visitors alike” to have 24/7 access to bikes at 30 convenient locations scattered around the city.

The How To:

Powered by the Noa Rider app (available on Google Play and the App Store) Bike New Haven’s set up is as easy as creating an account. Once the user creates an account, they can search Noa Rider’s interactive map to find the nearest bike.

When the user finds a bike to their liking, they simply have to click ‘Scan to unlock’, scan the QR code with the app and watch as the ring lock opens automatically. Now you can ride the bike for as far and as long as you like and when you are done, simply find any one of the 30 locations around the city to return your bike.

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Each rental comes for 45 minutes (the minimum rental), but longer rentals are typically available with additional cost.

The Benefits:

New Haven Bike Share is a healthy and ecologically responsible way of getting around. Make Richard Simmons and Al Gore proud with New Haven Bike Share.

Sick of waiting at a stop light two or three times on crowded New Haven roads? New Haven Bike Share is the perfect solution. How about pouring cash into that gas guzzler every other day? New Haven Bike Share. Running to the meter every two hours to feed the meter, or worse having to move spots (we both see that meter maid making their way towards your car)? New Haven Bike Share. Not a fan of parallel parking on a crowded one way road, or paying the ransom they ask for at the local parking lots? New Haven Bike Share. How about transforming your lunch break into a shopping spree and still having time to grab a lunch before you get back to work? New Haven Bike Share.

The typical experience at a ProPark lot.

New Haven Bike Share is projected to roll out sometime in mid-December; however, the exact date has yet to be released. New Haven has already laid out the infrastructure for the program, including bikes and their stations. All that is left is to give it a try for ourselves.

Once the system is rolled out, I will do a full review of the system, including the bikes themselves, the app and, of course, the price. Please feel free to comment or contact us with any views or opinions you might have as well. We would love to incorporate your feedback into our full review. Until then, stay safe New Haven!


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