Everything Great About October in Connecticut

Can you feel it? The crispness in the air. The smell of campfires and fireplaces. The amber in the leaves. The pumpkin spice being jammed down our throats.

There’s no more denying it: Fall is here in Connecticut, and it’s awesome.

If you wanted to live somewhere sunny and warm all the time, you could move to California, and then sit around, and talk about how great California is, and how laid back you are, and how Californians are “different” until someone deservedly punched you in the face.

But you live in Connecticut (probably), where seasons matter. Plus, they give us something to complain about. And nothing is more Connecticut than that.

But let’s take a break from that and talk about why it’s so autumn is, of course, the best season.

The Cozy Season

Now that it’s cold outside again, we can finally break out our comforters and wrap ourselves up in all of our warmest blankets. This is the cuddle season. The time when it’s totally fine to wear blankets by bonfires.

Here, I’ve found Pure Concentrated Warmth to share with you:

Kittens All Wrapped Up
I don’t know who did this, but we should built a statue of them.

It’s Sexy Vampire Season!

Fall means Halloween, and you know what Halloween means, don’t you?

That’s right. It’s time for sexy carrots.

Sexy Carrot Costume
“I’m never working with this modeling agency again.”

Whether you want to dress up as a sexy nun, a sexy Jolly Rancher, or just a plain ol’ sexy nurse, there are so many sexy options available to you.

Or, if you want to get really crazy, you can rig up a little DVD screen which simulates a hole through your stomach. You’d have to win the costume contest then, wouldn’t you?

Rig for see-through stomach
I admire so much about the insane person who did this.

No, seriously, I want someone to do this. Someone with more disposable income than me, preferrably.

Tailgating UConn Football Games

There’s nothing quite like that first Miller Lite at 8 am to really make you feel alive.

(Just kidding. I obviously start with a Bloody Mary. I’m not an animal.)

Nothing says fall more than football and drinking in a field somewhere. Granted, UConn football isn’t, you know… a great example of good football. But what are you gonna do? Pay $200 for Giants tickets to watch them suck? Drive to Foxboro? On purpose?

Instead, just a short drive away, UConn Football provides all the tailgating experience, and 50% of the football, at a (mostly) reasonable price!

UConn Tailgate
These people are professionals.

There’s just something immensely satisfying about firing up the grill, working yourself into a nice Meat Sweat, trekking to the game, screaming your head off at those jerks from Syracuse, and finally comforting yourself with some Sorrow Cookies after the game.

(Sometimes they’re even Victory Cookies! Not usually, though.)

Homecoming is October 22nd vs. UCF. Get your tickets here.

The Precious Colors

Of course, I’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the eye-popping colors. People come from all across the US (those bastards) to enjoy our autumn foliage. And it’s hard to blame them. When it hits its peak, there’s nothing quite like it.

The colors are coming in a little slower this year cause it stopped raining for like… the year. Which will probably affect the colors. But this sweet foliage map will tell you exactly how to time your hike so you get Peak Foliage Throughput into your precious eyeballs.

Personally, I’d never trade it for palm trees and sun all the time. Besides, it’s kind of nice having water, isn’t it?

Train in Foliage in CT
Choo cho here comes the beauty train!

Pumpkin-Spiced Everything

Just kidding. I’m not basic.

Basic Girls
As seen in their natural habitat.

Except pumpkin pie. That shit is dope.

Hoodie Season

Time to dust off those old hooded sweatshirts, cause it’s Hoodie Season!

I don’t know how or why I acquired 13 UConn hooded sweatshirts, but I can’t wear them in the summer, so now is my time to shine.

Pile of Hoodies
Pretty sure I’ll never be as happy as this guy.

For those of you who enjoy being “fashionable” and “attractive,” I suppose that means it’s sweater weather (ugh that song). So bust out your finely knitted sweaters, cause this is your Super Bowl.

Romantic Trips to the Apple Orchard

What’s more romantic than going to the apple orchard with your significant other, picking apples, enjoying the beautiful weather and long, rolling fields?

(I’d argue playing video games, but I guess I’m in the minority here?)

But really, you should probably treat your lady/guy friend to a nice trip, it’s super romantic, plus you can really load up on apples. Which is great for making apple pie, apple cider, apple cobbler, apple pancakes, apple fries (no really), and of course… creepy shrunken apple heads?!

Creepy Apple Heads
You’ve gone too far, Pinterest.

My friend, a Certified Orchard Expert, recommends Hickory Hill in Cheshire. All you need know is someone to look past all of your terrible, terrible flaws, and love you anyway.

Embrace the Horror

Of course, Halloween isn’t just about sexy vampires. It’s also about thrills and chills. Luckily, Connecticut has you covered.

DamnedCT (which is apparently a real website) has a list of events in Connecticut for all of your fright needs.

Whether it’s the Trail of Terror or the Haunted Isle, the terror won’t just be the two-hour wait in line. No, I have been assured there are, eventually, actual chills at the end. So the legends say.

Trail of Terror
The terror never really ends for Orioles fans, does it.

If that’s a little frightening for you, you can always check out the Grove Street Cemetery Tours, in which you walk around a cemetery. And learn about history and stuff.

You nerd.

Did I Miss Anything?

Definitely. But this is a blog, not an encyclopedia.

However, if you are looking for something totally unrelated, check out Steve Martin’s Meteor Shower at Long Wharf Theater. It’s hilarious.



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