New Haven: Please, Love Me!

Arts and Ideas Festival

Hey, did you hear there was something going on last weekend in New Haven? Yeah, there was this totally cool bike race, the New Haven Grand Prix. Annnnnd the New Haven Apizza Feast (not to be confused with the New Haven Pizza Festival?). Annnnnnnd the Q Bridge Grand Opening Celebration. Are you not entertained?! Well, are you? … Read more

New Haven Happy Hour Rankings

Welcome to the first annual (maybe?) New Haven Happy Hour Rankings! The methodology is pretty simple: I use my brain to think about my favorite Happy Hours. And then I write them down. There’s a lot of math involved, obviously. Think I’m wrong? Great, let me know. I probably missed an awesome place or two. … Read more


East Rock Park

Welcome, reader! It is my great pleasure to welcome you to my newest creation, Between Two Rocks! But what is it? Excellent question! Um. Er. This is your blog for all things New Haven! Okay, not really. Firstly, this is not a news site. There’s already the New Haven Independent, New Haven Register, and ostensibly … Read more