Grab your NPR tote bag, the Arts & Ideas Festival is back in town!

It’s June! The annual moment all twenty-something students leave town and considerably increase the average age of residents and the moment the Arts and Ideas Festival decides it’s not old enough and puts in place a program to attract 80-somethings to go wild on the green. The official name is actually “The International Festival of … Read more

New Haven: serving European terraces minus the rude French waiters

Picture this scene: It is a warm summer day. The crowded terrace of a café is overflowing and coffee drinkers are slowly fusing with the lunch eaters of the next door restaurant terrace. The waiters zigzag through the densely packed tables to provide all sorts or summer treats while keeping an eye on the terrace … Read more

Shiru Cafe Harvests Yalie Data, Organs

Shiru Cafe, New Haven’s newest and most exclusive cafe, opened last week at 174 College Street with a unique business model: College students can relax and drink free beverages in exchange for access to their personal data and organs. Non-college students? You’ll just have to keep selling your organs on the black market for Bitcoin. … Read more

100% of New Haven Restaurants Now Poke Places

In an attempt to revitalize New Haven’s flagging economy, Surprisingly Still Mayor Toni Harp enacted an Executive Order demanding all New Haven restaurants must become Poke places, despite protest from local business and consumers. New Haven, which currently held the record of highest density of pizza-and-Italian-restaurants-per-person (at 1 restaurant for every 1 human), must quickly … Read more

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